Monday, 3 August 2015

Authors on Twitter

The book loving online community is a wonderful one, there is so much love on #bookstagram, and on Twitter there are so many good bookish people to follow. Fellow bookbloggers, booktubers, publishers, writers, illustrators, editors, agents, librarians, book trust people; there are so many great, clever book type people whose wonderings and witticisms you can enjoy. (It occurs to me as I write this list that I've chosen all female authors, I'll throw in a token male author if I can find one, but maybe they're just not very funny on or fun on Twitter??)

Here are some of my favourites authors to follow on Twitter:

Louise O'Neill @oneillo:

Louise O'Neill is the author of Only Ever Yours, her UH-MAY-ZING 2014 young adult dystopian novel, and Asking For It, which I have yet to read but comes out this year and sounds equally as harrowing yet brilliant. She's funny on twitter, follow her for such gems as:

AHHH there are gems the whole way down, just follow.

Mel Salisbury @AHintofMystery :

Mel Salisbury is the author of The Sin Eater's Daughter, which I read earlier this year and I am so looking forward to part two coming out next year. It was one of those ones where I felt a little burst of excitement upon finishing to know that the story wasn't over yet. She is also a Slytherin, and a very good representative of Slytherin greatness. Here are some of her assorted nuggets of wisdom:

Maureen Johnson @maureenjohnson:

Maureen Johnson is the author of the Shades of London series and lotsa other books too. She is a Nerdfighter and part of the Leaky/Geeky Con team and is dead funny. She's had some kind of crazy illness recently and been funny and witty in the tweet department throughout. She does of a lot of replying funny things to people too, which is fun. She is a COOL LADY.

Patrick Ness @Patrick_Ness:

Patrick Ness has written SO MANY BOOKS, which people love. I am really looking forward to The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which comes out at the end of August. I've just starting following him recently for these pearls of wisdom:

Rainbow Rowell @rainbowrowell:

Rainbow Rowell has a brilliant name and is the author of some great YA contemporary gems. Fangirl was my favourite, and I am so looking forward to Carry On. Such a great idea to take the fictional fan fiction in the book and give it its own book. I've heard good things about her adult book, Landline, which reminds me I should get around to reading it. Here is a sample of her tweetings:

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