Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Best Bookstagrammers

Really nice pictures of books, what's not to like! I'm just back from holiday today, so I'm feeling zzzzzz, so back to more exciting posts tomorrow!

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I have two new projects: lord of the flies and a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 piecesπŸ˜„ I wanted to read this book last month, but I never got the time. So I'm going to read it now! Did you know that William Golding recieved the Nobel Prize for literature in 1983? It seems like a lot of people have read this one in school, and I'm excited to get started! - Oh! And don't forget to join my 2K 'coffee with a character' challenge!☕️ I've already got some participants, and I love your answers! To those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, I'm hosting a challenge where you decide which fictional character you want to drink coffee with, post a picture of the book and what you would drink and tell us in the description what you would talk about! Tag me in the picture and use the hashtag #coffeewithacharacter. You'll find more info under the last picture i posted😊
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