Thursday, 20 August 2015

Destination X- John Martz- Nobrow Press

 This beautiful and wee book by John Martz gave me fuzzy feelings after reading. It's simple and powerful and funny all at once. The artwork is stylish and captivating. And the book is just a really beautiful well designed object in and of itself. 
"A science fiction parable about obsession and single-mindedness, inspired by pulp sci-fi, Star Trek, ghost stories, and The Twilight Zone.
Sam is the grandson of a world-renowned space adventurer. Marvelled by his ailing grandfather's stories of interstellar travel and alien romance, he models his life after his famous relative- even though these stories may be untrue. So focussed is Sam on fulfilling what he thinks is his natural destiny in life that he becomes blind to his own reality."

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