Sunday, 16 August 2015

Favourite Booktubers

Here are some of my favourite booktubers! I'm relatively new to booktube, and have just subscribed to some of these people in the last year, or only identified some of their content as 'booktube' recently. There are so many books I've read on the recommendation of one of these ladies (as they all happen to be ladies) and each of them is great in finding interesting ways to present their thoughts on books, without resorting to endless Book Haul and Wrap Up videos.
Here they are! If you like what you see, go explore some more of their videos, quality is high and you might just discover your new favourite book:

Jen Campbell

Jen is also the author of a few books about bookshops!

Sanne- booksandquills

Sanne works at the amazing Hot Key Books.

Candice- candysomething

Candice also has a great video on Zoella, Ghostwriting, and Assinging Value.

Rosianna Halse Rojas

Rosianna covers some great topics in her videos. She also works for author John Green.

Lucy- lucythereader

Lucy also recently made a great video on creating quality booktube content: Booktube- Be the Change You Want to See

Jean- bookishthoughts

Jean studies the ancient classics in my own fair Glasgow. She usually has great not-the-norm recommendations.

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