Sunday, 30 August 2015

Half Read Books

I have a big stack of half read books, a long time tbr list of books I've put down for some reason and never picked up again. A lot of them I was actually enjoying before they were set aside, presumably for something else I was more eager to read. I think I was reading a few of these when big sequels came out for other series I was really into, so that contributed to them being cast aside. I'm not the kind of reader who has a few books on the go at once, I like to finish the books I start, and if there are too many books on my shelf I have yet to even open it makes me a little anxious. At the moment I have quite a few unread books gracing my shelves, basically because I've bought or been given a lot recently (book buying ban now in full force!), and when I began gathering up the ones I had at least started I ended up with a big pile. So I am now going to endeavour to finish what I've started by finally reading all these books, some of which I started almost three years ago. There are a few lurking half read on my kindle too I'm sure. I know I'll get a buzz when I get add them to my read list on Goodreads. Do you read more than one book at once? Can you stand to leave a book unfinished? Let me know in the comments! 

How I Live Now- Meg Rosoff
The Declaration- Gemma Malley
Noughts & Crosses- Malorie Blackman
Almost Grace- Rosie Rowell
The Bloody Chamber- Angela Carter
The Carbon Diaries 2015- Saci Lloyd
Un Lun Dun- China Mieville
"Who Could That Be at This House?" All the Wrong Questions- Lemony Snicket
1Q84 Books One and Two- Haruki Murakami

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