Friday, 21 August 2015

Signed Books

Zzzzz I'm sleeepy today! I was at the Edinburgh Book Festival yesterday helping run a unicorn horn making workshop for children! My pal illustrated a book called The Unicorn of Holy Island, which I'll do a blog post on once I get sent a copy. So here is an light blog post, which is all I can get my brain to manage today:

Signed books seem like such precious objects. I don't have too many of them (I think I have a couple on my shelves back at home, definitely a Jacqueline Wilson one) but they each have a memory attached of the day they were signed, unless of course they were picked up already signed in the book shop. One day they might even end up being worth more, but in the mean time they are just extra special books to treasure. 

The Amber Spyglass- Philip Pullman
I thiiiink this was an Edinburgh Book Festival signing. I also have a little booklet which is one chapter of the Amber Spyglass, which we maybe got at the book festival the year before.

Augustus and his Smile- Catherine Rayner
I used to work for Cat, looking after her son Fin, this book was signed a few years before that though because she's pals with my mum! 

Baby's in Black- Arne Bellstorf
I went to the launch of this Beatles graphic novel in Glasgow. As well as signing, Arne drew an Astrid too!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- J.K. Rowling
I won some sort of golden ticket to get this book signed. Loads of people had also won them and there was a huge queue on George Street in Edinburgh. Then the signing was very streamlined and over quickly with your book opened to the right page by one person, passed to J.K. to sign, then closed and passed back to you by another person, then you were shown out. I can't remember a chat even. But this was the fourth book where the biggest ever first edition was printed or something, so I guess were would have been no way to chat with everybody.

Lorali- Laura Dockrill
This signed proof was sent to me by Hot Key Books, I was super thrilled! And it's signed in purpley pink! 

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