Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Books I read in September! Fans of the Impossible Life, Asking For It, One, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Monsters, Sophie Someone.

I am so behind on blogging! I think my august blog fest sapped all my blogging juice out, but that's no excuse, I still want to keep track of the books I've been reading and share my thoughts and feelings on them. September was a really good book month. I read 6 books, most of which came out in September or the months previous. There were just SO MANY good YA books out at the end of summer, all living up to the hype for me. Asking For It certainly did, and One was a total gem. They were all so good in fact that I really want to do an individual review for each, which is another reason it's taken me so long to get round to blogging because it seems like a BIG TASK. However, as I say, they were tip top books so it will presumably be an enjoyable blog writing sesh!

Soooo coming soon I guess, reviews for the following:

Fans of the Impossible Life- Kate Sculsa
Asking For It- Louise O'Neill
One- Sarah Crossan
The Rest of Us Just Live Here- Patrick Ness
Monsters- Emerald Fennell
Sophie Someone- Hayley Long