Friday, 6 November 2015

Review!: One by Sarah Crossan

Hey look at me getting around to reviewing my September reads! It's really happening!

I bought One by Sarah Crossan after feeling blue for a couple days and decided to implement the treat yo self system. It's a lovely hardback book, in turquoise and pink and a nice matt dust cover. Written in free verse, the first free verse book I think I have read, One is the story of conjoined twins Grace and Tippi, as they leave homeschooling for the first time for their first experience of real high school. 

Five things I loved in One:

1- Free verse. Oh the free verse. Here is the first verse:

       We Are.
And we are living.

Isn't that amazing?

How we manage 
to be
at all.

2- The narrative is all from Grace's point of view. I was surprised at first that we don't get both twins' voices, but I came to really appreciate Grace's narrative. Because of course the sisters' are two separate people, individual people, with separate voices, just joined together. 

3- Dragon. Their little sister, who is 'completely normal'. Grace's concern for her little sister Nicola, nicknamed Dragon, and how her life is affected by having conjoined sisters is so... touching, I guess would be the word. 

"I do wonder if being our sister 
          sucks sometimes, 

if being our sister
makes her a freak
too. "

4- Jasmeen and Jon. Their new friends at their new school, who don't think Tippi and Grace are freaks, and who get it a little wrong, but learn from their mistakes. 

5- The title: One. And what that comes to mean.

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