Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Top 6 Podcasts by Women

Within the last year I have become an avid podcast listener. I think I started by listening to people I liked being interviewed on The Nerdist (over that now), started listening to Comedy Bang Bang religiously, and after Serial became obsessed with This American Life, delving right into the archives. I spent my summer last year walking around the city listening to funny and interesting podcasts and now most corners have a little audio memory that pops up when I walk by. As a nerdfighter I listen to Dear Hank & John every week, and had a fling with Gilmore Guys for a while too. I listened to all the Adam and Joe Show archives I could find, and then super enjoyed Adam Buxton's podcast last year too. But today I specifically want to talk about the podcasts I love that are by women. I made a conscious shift in my listening to find more female voices as a lot of the popular podcasts ruling the roost, and the ones I devote a lot of time too, are male led. This was not a fruitless effort and I am continuing to find funny, entertaining, inspiring podcasts by women all the time. In fact I found a whole bunch more when I was looking at other 'top female podcast' lists in prep for this post. So here are my Top 6 Podcasts By Women, and not just FOR women, I reckon most of these should have universal appeal. In no particular order, here they are:

Hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, this podcast focusses on the oft-ignored women of history. I recommend episode 60: Four Inventors for a taste of what the tone of the podcast is like. Normally it is one woman from history per episode, so have a scroll through to find some of your favourites.

Hosted by Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz of the New Statesman, SRSLY covers all things pop culture in music, film, tv, books, internet. I recommend episode 29: The One Where They Take it Seriously, a special episode on Friends, which is a little different from their usual episodes but very fun in their in depth analysis of the series. Their special episode on Harry Potter is just as fun. Usual episodes cover current pop culture phenomenon, which is also fun!

Hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, this podcast covers pop culture and politics and everything in between and encourages my new favourite girl-love thing, Shine Theory. I recommend episode 42: Twitter Ninja, which covers the all-lady congress during the DC snowstorm, menstruation and marijuana, and Kanye's Twitter rants. 

Hosted by actor and improver Lauren Lapkus, a frequent Comedy Bang Bang guest also known for her roles in Orange is the New Black and Jurassic World no less! Lauren Lapkus is the guest and her guest is the host in this improv podcast. I believe the guest brings the character and set up for Lauren to improv along to. I recommend the episode Eliza Skinner: Post-Apodcastlypse, which is a very funny post-apocalypse survivor broadcast. Fun fact: I'm listening to this one right now!

Hosted by Phoebe Judge, Criminal is a podcast about crime. I found it looking for a true crime podcast to fill the gap after Serial season 1. I recommend episode 35: Pen & Paper, about a courtroom sketch artist. This episode is not particularly creepy or gruesome, just pretty interesting. There are much more crimey episodes for sure. 

Hosted by Alexandra Fiber & Danielle Gibson, this podcast is pretty much what it says in the title: funny ladies talking about a particular film each episode. I recommend episode 25: Charlies Angels with Tessa Hersh, in which it's discussed whether the 2000 film stands the test of time.

That all folks! Apart from a quick shout out to Black Girls Talking, an awesome podcast that I didn't include in this list because I've only listened to one episode so far!

Enjoy! :) Let me know your recs! 

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