Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Review! Our Dark Duet by V.E. Schwab

The second and final in the Monsters of Verity series, Our Dark Duet picks up almost half a year after Kate Harker's departure from Verity. She is now living in Prosperity, hunting monsters there, where the monster epidemic is still very much underground and mostly unknown by the population. Kate witnesses the aftermath of a an attack by a new kind of monster, and after an encounter with this strange creature, she finds herself leaving her new friends and heading back to Verity to warn them of this new danger.

August Flynn is still in Verity playing his role as a leader in the army of the divided city, after half has been completely overtaken by monsters. He is tasked with 'reaping' humans who have committed sins, sending them to their deaths and spends the book grappling with the human and monster parts of himself. He is reluctant leader, but commits to the role, forming strong bonds with his team, who respect him deeply.

I enjoyed being back in this dark, gritty, urban world. It was good to see a little of the world outside of Verity and see how the physical-monsters-born-of-bad-deeds concept could spread in different cities (I smell a spin of series?) Monsters Sloan and Alice make great baddies and there were numerous really well choreographed fights scenes. The ideas of what really makes a person fundamentally 'bad' and monstrous and what actions deserve death were really well explored and mirrored in August's conflict over whether to more human or more monster.

As ever, V.E. Schwab has created a compelling, clever, and very well paced book. Um, read it!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which this was :)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Books I read in May!: Margot & Me, The Cows, Becoming Unbecoming, Defy the Stars

Here be the books I read in May! I went on holiday to Italy at the beginning of May and had such a whirlwind time that I didn't finish any of the books I took with me. I'll come back to them for sure- Nasty Women and The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit. I came back to Margot and Me by Juno Dawson after having started it earlier in the year. It definitely grew on me after a shaky start- I've already reviewed it here! I listened to The Cows by Dawn O'Porter on audiobook, which was fun and summery, I actually started that one on holiday and managed to finish it during the month. I got round to reading Becoming Unbecoming by Una, which I got at an Aye Write book festival event in March. It was an enjoyable but also v dark read. I spent the rest of the month reading Defy the Stars- a space based robot/human romance!

Margot and Me by Juno Dawson
(review here)

The Cows by Dawn O'Porter

Becoming Unbecoming by Una

Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray